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Learn how to summarize, sort, and analyze your data in using one of the most overlooked features in Microsoft Excel for Mac 2016: pivot tables. Author Curt Frye shows you how to gain more valuable insights from your organization’s data—demystifying the complexity of pivot tables while demonstrating their power. Excel 2016 for Mac says files with PivotTables are unreadable My Excel documents with PivotTables (based on data in one of the workbook's sheets) keep triggering the 'this file is unreadable and needs to be repaired' warning when I try to open them with Excel 2016 for Mac (15.11.2).

I already know that Excel 2016 for Mac is severely limited compared to Windows Excel, but I don't understand why a pivot table with slicers will not work in Excel for Mac 2016 created in Windows Excel 2016? Can anyone help me with best practices to make the two compatible (Windows Excel pivot tables and Mac Excel pivot tables (2016))? My reports use slicers, and the pivot tables were created using data from MS Access in Windows.


Since Excel 2016 for Mac can not connect to Access, what's the best way to create reports using pivot tables and slicers so the reports are compatible between Windows Excel and Mac Excel? Also, hey Microsoft: I'm getting a strange error message in my Excel for Mac 2016 (see image). I'm not using a 2007 version of Excel. I'm using a 2016 version of Excel. I have a tutorial about how to get data from Microsoft Access and other data sources into Excel on my web site: The tutorial is for Excel 2011. The SQL commands can be used in Excel 2016 but the Microsoft Query SQL GUI interface is a no-show in Excel 2016. In I have suggestions on which driver to use. Skype dmg for mac.

For getting at an Access database that you have direct file access to in Finder I suggest the Actual Technologies Actual Access driver. If your Access database is network based, then I suggest trying the OpenLink driver. After you install the Driver you use the Apple ODBC Manager app (Applications >Convert mac document to word Utilities) to add data sources.

Apr 12, 2016  When I tested on another Mac running Excel 2001, CMD + ALT + P produces the Pivot Table Wizard but when I do the same keystroke on Excel 2016 for Mac, nothing shows up on my screen. I've tried multiple different keystrokes to no avail.

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If you try to add a data source using the New button in Excel's data source choosing window you will get a crash. This is a crash that has existed for years in Excel and is one Microsoft seems to have no interest in fixing. I had no problem setting up Northwind.mdb as a data source in the Mac OS X ODBC manager app with the free trial of the Actual Access driver (only first 3 rows of data are returned in the free demo). Then, in Excel 2016, on the Data tab of the menu I chose New Database Query > From Database and chose the Northwind data source.

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