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Update 1/23/2017: The Sierra 10.12.3 Update seems to have fixed the issue. If you haven’t already, it’s highly suggested that you update. If you have updated to macOS Sierra 10.12.2 and use Preview to manipulate scanned PDFs, watch out.

Acrobat Reader DC. Adobe Flash Player. Adobe Shockwave Player. All products. Creative Cloud. Students and Teachers. On Windows extract the download using Winzip, on Mac doubleclick the.dmg file to extract it. Important: Close ALL Adobe applications prior to running the tool. Adobe Reader for mac – To download adobe reader for mac OS El Capitan & Sierra, follow an easy two-step process and install it on your MacBook. The Adobe Reader is the free global standard for accurate printing, commenting and viewing PDF files.

There seems to be a bug and the OCR text layer can disappear. I’ve replicated this issue on documents scanned with the Fujitsu ScanSnap and the Doxie Q so far. In the comments to my blog post about, awesome DocumentSnap reader Alex writes this: Since updating to macOS 10.12.2 I have found that Preview destroys the OCR layer of PDFs scanned and OCR’d with the latest ScanSnap Manager software if you make any sort of edit with Preview (e.g. Deleting or reordering pages). After editing and saving with Preview, the PDF is no longer searchable and text is not selectable. Managed to replicate the problem on another Mac running 10.12.2. Doesn’t seem to affect PDFs scanned and OCR’d with other scanners or applications.

Just wanted to warn everyone to perhaps wait before updating, and check that they haven’t unwittingly destroyed their OCR if they have already updated. This was confirmed in the comments by reader Jakub. Since I hadn’t yet upgraded to 10.12.2, I decided to test with scans before and after upgrading, and since I had a Doxie Q sitting on my desk, I tested with that as well to see if it was a ScanSnap thing. I also tested Preview on a machine with 10.12.1 and a machine with El Capitan. All ScanSnap scans were done with a using ScanSnap Manager 6.3 L60. All Doxie scans were done with a exported using Doxie software 2.9.1 (1864). For the test, I scanned documents on Sierra 10.12.1 and 10.12.2, checked that the PDF was OCRed properly, then deleted a page, saved, and re-opened and checked the text again.

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I have posted comments about this OCR/PDF corruption bug at a zotero website: I showed that Preview will overwrite certain types of OCR information in pdf files. My experience is limited to pdf files with OCR information using Clearscan in Adobe Acrobat. What I have found is that the OCR information is corrupted when the pdf is opened, modified (e.g. Add an annotation), and then saved in Preview. This problem first surfaced in ~2009 (long before El Capitan), and is still active relative to current versions of Mac OS X (Yosemite, 10.10.5), Preview 9.0 (909.17), and Adobe Acrobat (XI, 11.0.20).

I reported the problem as bug to Apple but there has been no fix yet, to the best of my knowledge. Apple says that the update 10.12.3 that came out yesterday: 1 Improves automatic graphics switching on MacBook Pro 2 Resolves graphics issues while encoding Adobe Premiere Pro projects on MacBook Pro with Touch Bar 3 Fixes an issue that prevented the searching of scanned PDF documents in Preview. 4 Resolves a compatibility issue with PDF documents that are exported with encryption enabled. 5 Fixes an issue that prevented some third-party applications from correctly importing images from digital cameras.

I suppose this bug was related with the third issue. Fujitsu’s “fix” for the OS Sierra “update” was disappointing to me. I had thought they’d deploy a new suite of programs that had been patched to fix this glitch. Instead, they presented a confusing matrix of instructions to download and install this and that, and, in trying to follow their instructions, I managed to completely destroy the ScanSnap software I’d had installed. It took me a long time to revert to what I had before, let alone trying to “upgrade” to Sierra.

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I did get it running, including Scan To Cloud which was a bit difficult for me to do. I am holding out, using El Capitan, and using the things I’ve paid for. Good (or not so good) to know that you can confirm that behaviour and that it’s connected to the latest Sierra update. It quite surprising that no one has noticed this before.

Where are photos placed for the photo on a macbook. Actually I only found out by accident, since I was merging two PDF in my ScanSnap-Folder where I have used the search bar, which filtered all scans by content. That way the new document never showed up in the list. How to download affinity photo for free mac

I think that most poeple are not aware of that since they will not double check if the OCR layer still exists. By the way, you can open the file again with the ABBY FineReader and the merged PDF will get the OCRed again, but only if you add a PDF to an existing file. Canon s9000 driver for mac. If you export to a new one ABBY will not recognize it as ScanSnap document.