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I remote into my work PC (Win7 machine) using Citrix Receiver 11.8.2 for Mac OS X (Yosemite). I have a MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014). I'm trying to get the Alt-tab functionality to work inside my Citrix session, to switch between applications within Citrix. Currently, option-tab is simply unresponsive. The only keyboard shortcut that works is Command-Option-fn-tab, which is extremely cumbersome. My keyboard preferences are configured to Send Control Character using Control, and Send Alt Character using Command (left).

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While Mac OS X Jaguar markedly improved -Tabbing your way between applications, there’s still plenty of room for enhancement. Easy to say, easy to do, easy to type. Innocent it may be, but embroiled with controversy is this little key command; sure, it switches you to the next open. As silly as it sounds, I just can't manage to switch out and back into full-screen games on my MacBook, like Alt-Tab does on Windows. Word for mac 2016 won't activate. I've tried searching online and found posts saying I should use. ALT+Tab is a common hotkey combination for previewing active windows on the desktop. Windows and Mac both display their default icons when this hotkey is used on either of the operating systems.

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Thank you all in advance! Rules work fine for me with IMAP. Regards, Suraj Sreenath. Duplicate email finder for mac.

Despite this, the 'Alt' functionality does not work - when I press command (left) + tab, there's no response (only the tab function works). I would really appreciate a solution to this dilemma. (Note: I upgraded my Citrix receiver to 11.9.0, but I still have the same issue.

Alt-tab is unresponsive). Is there an update on this issue from anyone? I have the exact same problem, have done for a long time and switched to a windows machine because of it (there the issue does not exist) but now I have to run Citrix from a Mac. As the original post describes, Alt Tab (on first press) sends only a tab, i.e. The alt part of the combination is ignored, keep the alt key pressed and press tab again and it works.

Alt Tab For Mac

Fn+alt+cmd+tab works every time. The result is that os sending a random tab every time alt-tab is used which is probably thousands of times a day.

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In some places that random tab does nothing but in others it is a nightmare. Search for text in files mac terminal. Version: 12.1.0 (339228) Using and mac os. I have the same problem with Receiver 12.4 on Mac OS Sierra 12.10.3 on a MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012). I have 'Send Alt character using' set to 'Command (left)-Option'. I can indeed Alt-Tab in the remote Windows with Command-Option-Tab but that's awkward and it's easy to accidentally do Command-Tab instead.

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Previously, Option-Tab worked as Alt-Tab, and this is what is described in, where it gives the explicit example of Option-Tab sending Alt-Tab. I don't know what's changed (OS update? Receiver update?), but it no longer works: Option-Tab now just sends a Tab character. Anyone got a solution?