Avast 3 Pcs Can I Use One For Mac And 1 For Pc

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I am trying to decide whether I have everything setup correctly here on two PCs running Avast! First I installed the software on a PC running WinXP, was sent a License Key for 1 year of usage, I entered this, then the application showed 'Current Status: Registered', Everything worked fine, so I assumed all was well. Then I decided to also install this software on another PC, one running Win 7 64 bit.

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Avast 3 pcs can i use one for mac and 1 for pc

Avast Premier 1 Year GLOBAL Avast Key 3 Devices PC. You are getting advanced security measures keeping your PCs and network even safer. Key features. Permanently delete old files Military-grade shredding deletes old or sensitive information so no one can recover it. Avast Internet Security may be installed on up to three computers at a time, Avast Pro may be installed on only one computer - if you want to install on more machines, you need to buy a respective licence. How to turn mac into factory settings.

I was not sure whether I should use the same email address as before, so I decided to use an alternate email address I happen to have. My first questions are: Was the change of email address the correct choice? If not, how do I change the second email address so both machines are setup the same way? I expected to receive a license key as was done during the first installation, this did NOT occur on the second PC. Even so, when the setup was completed, the current status was again shown as 'Registered'. So, are the procedures different for Win 7 64 bit?

If a license key was supposed to be installed, how is it that the second install is still shown as registered? On this second PC, I was sent an email invitation to register on the Avast! As far as I recall, this did NOT occur during the install on the Win XP PC.

So I went online and registered, and although both machines say 'Registered', neither one is listed under 'Devices' on the website. Mac downloader. Why and how do I fix this? What must I do to get both of my setups straightened out?