Can I Share My Microsoft Word For Mac With Another User On My Mac

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Hi Community! I've recently purchased a Dell computer with Windows 8. I've also purchased Microsoft Office Professional Plus and have installed it on the computer.

I can see all of the Microsoft Office application when I log in. I have set up an account for my partner on the same computer and the Microsoft Office applications are not available when she logs in. How can I set it up that she can access Microsoft Office when she logs into the same computer using her own username/password?

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I wanted to know if we’re allowed to use a legal copy of Microsoft Word (legally meaning I purchased the disk) on more than one computer. I switched computers and now I need to install it on a different computer than the one I’d been using before. Welcome to /r/Mac! We are reddit's community of Mac users, enthusiasts, and experts. Please submit or enjoy content, comments, or questions related to the Mac platform, be it related to the hardware or software that makes it up.

Many thanks for your assistance. Hi; I have just read this post as I have had the same problem with Office 365. My wife couldn't find it on her start screen tho' it was all there on mine. I thought I was going to have to reinstall it as a second copy for her account, but I have discovered that if you navigate to the *.exe locations in her account; which admittedly can be a right labyrinth to negotiate, the files are all there and all I have had to do is go through the [OFFICE].EXE files and right click and select pin to start. I have done the main set of apps as I assume the support files will be called as needed by the main apps. For this app group at least the path is C: program files microsoft office 15 root office 15. Hope this information helps you.

If you need any further assistance or information, I will be glad to help you. We, at Microsoft strive towards excellence. See the edits in above quote. Adding Office shortcuts to desktop instead of Start Screen, far easier and simpler is to open File Explorer (Win + E) and type or Copy & Paste this to addressbar and hit Enter:%ProgramData% Microsoft Windows Start Menu Programs Microsoft Office 2013 (Office 2010, change the last part accordingly.) This opens Office shortcut folder which contains all necessary shortcuts but nothing else. Now simply copy the shortcuts to desktop.

A geek 9 to 5, just a nerd rest of the time. So I pay $100 for Office, load it while I'm logged in with the Microsoft Account I don't want but am forced to have so that the company can try to sell me a phone, and then my children can't use it? The 'solution' of creating a shortcut is stupid, unneccessary, and doesn't work now that the company's taken away the Microsoft button.


How to format an external hard drive for mac. I will never buy your phone. I will never buy your tablet. Office 2016 for mac home and business license product activation key. I want to buy a computer and then use it as I please, without your continued interferance and pushing of **** programs like Bing.

Two or more people sharing one PC for work sounds like a recipe for disaster. Do you really want a co-worker to read, edit and delete your files and folders; use or delete your applications; or make system-wide customizations? In some offices, however, computers need to be shared between two or more workers, or handed off to a temporary worker -- without being completely wiped each time. And Windows 10 has great tools for allowing multiple people to share a single PC without any of those problems. In this piece, I'll show you how to do it.