Change Language In Word For Mac 2011

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I have MS Office for Mac downloaded from (I found this link and product key in instructions). Everything works ok but interface language is German. How to mail merge word documents. I have 'Preferred language' - English in Settings and all normal other applications installs with English interface but not MSOffice. Please suggest me how can I change MSOffice's language. UPDATE: I have downloaded DMG from and tried to install it but nothing changed. Maybe I should try to completely delete previous version first ()? Also both DMGs (from and ) have the same size so I think they both may include all languages inside.

Hoping to contribute, I have installed Office for Mac 2011 from retail, Italian version, and I have OS 'Language and Preferences' set to 'English' and 'Region = United States' (where original poster had set 'Englsh' and 'Region = Germany'). Same problem, I'm trying to change user interface language from Italian to English. (so, likely we can exclude the problem lies in the 'Region =.' Setting, or in the fact that the original poster's install was from a downloaded file). – user417437 Feb 10 '15 at 12:19.

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