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The icon represents an within a generic file icon.dmg,.smi,.img application/x-apple-diskimage, Developed by Type of format Website An Apple Disk Image is a commonly used by the operating system. When opened, an disk image is ' as a volume within the. Microsoft office publisher free for mac. An Apple disk image can be structured according to one of several proprietary disk image formats, including the Universal Disk Image Format (UDIF) and the New Disk Image Format (NDIF). An Apple disk image file's name usually has '.dmg' as its extension. An Apple disk image allows secure password protection as well as, and hence serves both security and file distribution functions; such a disk image is most commonly used to distribute over the.

Contents • • • • • • • • Overview [ ] Apple originally created its disk image formats because the used by Mac applications could not easily be transferred over mixed networks such as those that make up the Internet. Even as the use of resource forks declined with Mac OS X, disk images remained the standard software distribution format. Disk images allow the distributor to control the Finder's presentation of the window, which is commonly used to instruct the user to copy the application to the correct folder. Universal Disk Image Format (UDIF) is the disk image format for.

• Click 'Scan' button to scan the file. • Scanning of corrupt file is in process. Microsoft excel 2010 for mac restore file.

Disk images in this format typically have a.dmg extension. New Disk Image Format (NDIF) was the previous default disk image format in, and disk images with this format generally have a.img (not to be confused with ) or.smi file extension. Files with the.smi extension are actually applications that mount an embedded disk image, thus a 'Self Mounting Image', and are intended only for Mac OS 9 and earlier. A previous version of the format, intended only for images, is usually referred to as 'Disk Copy 4.2' format, after the version of the utility that was used to handle these images. A similar format that supported compression of floppy disk images is called DART. Apple disk image files are published with a of application/x-apple-diskimage. Different can be contained inside these disk images, and there is also support for creating hybrid images that contain multiple file systems.