Have Guild Wars 2 For Pc Can I Convert It To Mac

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My question is.should I do it? Microsoft office for mac upgrade from 2008. Does anyone have any experience or insight into Office 2011?

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Anyone who purchases Guild Wars 2 can now play it on both PC and Mac.” Gaming support on Apple computers is on the rise. Campbell pointed out that much of ArenaNet’s staff uses Mac computers.

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Some settings I'd recommend: Environment: Low Textures: Mid Shaders: Low Post-Processing: High Sky Reflections and Shadows: Off/Low Character resolution: High The rest can be set to low and the game doesn't look bad at all. It's just a matter of more particles and crap. Set the settings above first, and then fiddle with it till it looks the way you want it.

Another thing you could do: Render sampling to 'Sub-optimal' However, to me it defeats the purpose of playing the game if it looks like crap. Here's the thing: 1) Your processor speed isn't really all that great, 2.3GHz is fairy weak and GW2 gains most from a faster CPU than GPU. This might be the culprit. 2) Make sure you're not running at retina resolution. Going higher than 1080p is in my humble opinion nothing suitable for gaming unless you really like to keep your face 2 cm away from your screen. To all the gamers that can't wait for 4K monitors, 4K means an increase of 4 times the render area so it's a big performance hit.

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Just stick to 1080p and FXAA for gaming, really. Keep the 4K crap for when you want to do pixel art.

3) 99,8% of all Mac games are cheap and quick ports via a wrapper of some sorts. It's the only reason Mac games can be profitable (it's still a tiny, tiny market) and exist in the first place.

What this means is that you'll get really, really shitty performance for most games on Macs compared to their native Windows version (and even most 'native' Mac games are usually terribly optimized compared to PC versions). If you don't want to install Windows, try Wine. It'll still run better than most Mac 'ported' games. Call me a Mac basher if you will, but these are simply the facts.