How Long Does It Take For A Mac To Charge

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I have an Asus Eee PC 1000H (Win XP Home Chinese, 80-GB HDD, 2 GB RAM, Intel Atom 270 CPU; a netbook, not really a laptop) with two batteries. The stock battery -- a 6-cell -- lasts about 3 hours, but the 9-cell 3rd-party upgrade that I bought lasts about 4. Both are Li-ion. I could increase the life of the battery by reducing the brightness of my LCD screen, but that makes viewing the screen too difficult. This is fine for my purposes.

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Does Apple warranty cover my MacBook Pro service? For an MacBook Pro under Apple’s One-Year Limited Warranty, Apple warrants against defects that arise from service performed for 90 days from the date of service or for the remaining period of the warranty, whichever provides longer coverage for you.


I use it only when I'm not at home at my desktop. I often go out to a local coffee shop to get away from my home office, which I practically live in 7 days and nights per week (the price one often has to pay for being a self-employed manuscript editor). I always carry two batteries in my backpack. It is about an hour. I have a Dell Inspiron 1501--almost 2 years old. I really don't know what battery it is. Its not really a problem, because I use it a lot at home; when I travel with it more than 30 minutes I just shut it down. Free cd burning software mac.

But at home I leave it plugged in 24/7. When I first bought it, I charged it to 100%, and then drained it to 5% before recharging. I was under the impression that this was better. This is what I was told earlier, but I believe these lithium batteries are the exact opposite--you should keep them charged and not drain them. Perhaps that is why the battery took a turn for the worse, but since I've kept it plugged in 24/7 its stayed at around 1 hour. Store button missing outlook 2016 mac

How Long Does It Take For A Dead Mac To Charge

I bought this laptop a few months ago for $449 from Newegg.performs great and I get AT LEAST 3 hours.closer to 4 hours battery time. I DO NOT play games at all, and I set the screen to a lower brightness to save power. Normal computing seems to make all the difference. Just as in price (you get ROYALLY SCREWED to get the best game-performing laptops), if you are a gamer you have to pay A LOT for the capability--though it is not technologically justified--and for everyday 'plain folks' computer use you can get all you want for a very good price.

Caveat emptor.

How Long Does It Take For A Mac Air To Charge

PCMag reviews products, but we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page. I suspect that Apple's design team spent an absurd amount of time and money developing the way a MagSafe connector clicks into place when you plug in your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. In that combination of magnetic attraction, the metallic meeting of plug and connector, and the sudden flow of electricity, there's nothing quite as satisfying as plugging in your MacBook. From the clean look, to the solid feel, to the perfectly easy works-every-time design, it's really a great feeling. Boom 3d for mac.