How To Do Stem And Leaf Display On Excel For Mac

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Stem and Leaf diagram is an option for PH Stat 2 Software. I am trying to create a Stem and Leaf diagram with this software. Superscript You will need this software to answer my question. I can create the Stem and Leaf diagram by hand, but I want to know how to The steps I am doing are as follows: 1. I go to the PH Stat 2 tab located to right. I go to stem and leaf option under descriptive statistics 3. Highlight the data you want to convert to stem and leaf diagram and click ok NOthing Happens??

How Do You Do Stem And Leaf Plots

Now to construct a stem-and-leaf plot what we want to do is go to Analyze, Descriptive Statistics and then select Explore. Now here the Explore dialog box opens we want to move Scores over to. Mar 07, 2014  stem and leaf plot,how to enter in excel? Become a Registered Member (free) to remove the ad that appears in the top post. Click here to reset your password. Abandoned Creating a stem and leaf plot in Excel Mac 2016 submitted 1. Please reply to the most helpful with the words Solution Verified to do so! Document writer for mac free. Stem and leaf plots are a valuable way of organizing your data, and determining how many data points with a particular ones, tens, or hundreds digit you have. You can use stem and leaf plots to organize decimals much the same way that you would use stem and leaf plots to organize whole numbers. A quick review of Google shows CMalone saying “To my knowledge, Excel does not do stem-and-leaf plots. If you discover that Excel can do stem-and-leaf displays, please send an email”. All you have to do is walk into a room full of Excel enthusiasts and say something can’t be done and the game is on.

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What am I doing wrong.


It always seems like textbooks like to teach you a topic, give an extremely easy example problem and then give you a twist on your homework problems. Trying to understand a Stem and Leaf Plot with Decimals is one of these tricks. The example is easy, everything is in order and fits nicely, and then there’s a twist.

Luckily decimals really don’t make stem and leaf plots THAT much more difficult. You begin with the same steps as regular problems. If the numbers in the group aren’t already in order, you still have to list them in order, smallest to largest. Then we know the leaves will be the digit on the far right of each number. Here is where decimals get tricky. Decimal Between Stem and Leaf If you have a number like 12.3 you would make “12” the stem and “3” the leaf. That’s right, the decimal doesn’t even matter.

Since the decimal is in the place of the vertical line separating the stem and leaf, we don’t have to worry about it. So how do you tell the difference between 12.3 and 123? Good question. The answer lies with the. Especially in stem and leaf plots with decimals, the key is very important, because it shows where the decimal goes. For the example 12.3, the Key would show that 12 3 equals 12.3 units.