How To Record Narration In Powerpoint For Mac 2011

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Sep 15, 2018  I record a PowerPoint presentation with narration (Slide Show => Record Slide Show) After completing, when I press 'Slide Show', the narration. How to Record Voice Over Narration for PowerPoint MAC 2011 Step by Step This video will go over the most basic way of adding voice over or narration to your power point presentation so you will not have to speak at all during the presentation. Record your slide show in powerpoint for Mac 2011 Note: Recording narration is not available in powerpoint Online. If you have a desktop version of Office, click Edit in powerpoint in your desktop program to follow the procedures described in this article.

I've been using the narration feature recently with no problems (2011 PPT for Mac), recording from my USB headset on a 2007 MacBook. NOW, I just did my first recording using my newer 2011 Macbook - same software and mic headset, same OS. What is better for running adobe suite pc or mac. I recorded an entire 1.5 hour presentation, making a 350MB file. However, upon listening to it, the audio on MOST of the slides cuts off, it just stops - no consistent reason. I haven't checked all 107 slides yet, but I do note SOME that are fine, even with audio over 1 minute. But most others, cut off after 30-40 seconds, right in the middle of a word/sentence. I've checked the respective.wav files, and the audio is NOT there.


It can't be the mic, since the beginning of every slide records just fine. My entire presentation is ruined and now I cannot trust that it's ever going to work. What is wrong? How to turn mac into gaming pc.

The best presentations engage the audience using a number of creative tools. Sound effects, such as music and voice recordings can mean the difference between a good presentation and an outstanding presentation. You can energize your audience with a quick tempo, play your company's latest jingle, or add narration to an on-demand presentation.

At the very least, you can play music at the beginning and ending of a presentation as the audience enters and leaves the room. The only limits are good taste and your imagination. Note: This blog post originally published in March 2008. It's also available in PDF form as a. About sound files Microsoft PowerPoint supports media clips, which include sound and video files.

Nx player for mac. The computer playing your presentation will need a sound card and speakers. That doesn't mean just the system you use to create the presentation, but any system on which you might play the presentation. Today, most systems come with everything you need, but older systems might need an upgrade. (It's highly unlikely that you'll encounter such an old system, but don't rely on that — check it out first!) Table A lists the media files PowerPoint supports, although this article deals only with sound files. Table A: Media support File Explanation Attributes MIDI Sound WAV Sound MPEG Standard video format with a constant frame per second rate AVI Video format with a constant frame rate per second GIF 256 color picture that supports animation. Like most special effects, sound can catch the attention of your audience and convey a message or emotion in a way words or pictures can't. On the other hand, used poorly, sound can be distracting or even annoying.