How To Setup Godaddy Email On Outlook For Mac

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Outlook 2016 (Mac): Set up email This article is specific to Business Email. If you have a different type of email, please see Office 365 Outlook 2016 instructions, or Workspace email Outlook 2016 instructions. For Windows users, you can use the Outlook Setup Tool to automatically set up your Workspace email in Outlook. On your phone, you also have the option of setting up your Workspace email using the native mail app, instead of the Outlook app.

This article is specific to Business Email. If you have a different type of email, please see,.

Setting Up Godaddy In Outlook

If you have the 2016 version of Outlook on your Mac, you can set it up for your Business Email. • Open Outlook 2016.

• If you have not already set up another account in Outlook • You will have to click through an introductory screen, click Get started, and activate your Outlook license. (This is not your Business Email or GoDaddy login, this information would've come with your copy of Outlook 2016.) • Choose your preferred theme, and click Continue. • Click Start using Outlook. • Click Add account. • Click the Other Email button.

• If you have already set up an account in Outlook • Click Tools. Xbox 360 wired controller for mac. Djay free download. • Click Accounts. • Click the + ( Add an account) menu in the bottom left corner, and select Other Email • Enter your Business Email address. • When you click in the Password field, more fields will appear.

Outlook 2013 Godaddy Email Settings

Enter the following details for each field: Field What to enter Password Your Business Email password User name Your full Business Email address, again Type Select IMAP Incoming server, Outgoing server Enter the • Click Add Account. • Your email settings will appear on the Accounts page. Under Outgoing server, click More Options • In the Settings window, complete the following fields: Field What to enter Authentication Select User Name and Password User name Enter your full Business Email address, one last time Password Enter your Business Email password Unqualified domain Leave this blank • Click OK. Next step • Send yourself a test email message to be sure everything is set up correctly. More info • You can also set up Business Email on your phone: • • • •.

Learn how to set up your Workspace Email account on Apple Mail. Then you can send and receive business emails from your Mac.

Note: This article is for Workspace Email only. For Office 365, see; for Professional Email see. • Open Apple Mail. Note: First time setting up your Apple Mail account?

• Select Other Mail Account, and click Continue. • Complete the following fields: Field What to do. Buy office 2016 for mac.


Adding Godaddy Email To Outlook

Name Enter the name you want to display to others as the email sender. Email Address Enter your Professional email address. Password Enter your Professional email address password. • Click Sign In. Note: If you see a message that says 'Unable to verify account name or password,' enter the Mail server settings and click Sign In.