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Hi all, I've been using Lynkeos to stack my images for the past few days, however, I have moved from using JPEG to RAW files and it would appear that the program can't handle the amount of data contained in a few RAW photographs. It just crashes when stacking.

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I have also tried using Keiths Image Stacker though this doesn't seem to like my RAW files either. I am using a Canon 600D if that's of any use? Can anyone suggest any free (or not too expensive) stacking programmes available for the Mac system? Quicken premier 2018 download. Thanks, John.

I think I might try borrowing my mothers laptop for the duration of the stacking process as it's a Windows system. On a couple of the images I can see the moons, but not all, so I don't know if it'll stack well. Lynkeos aligns Jupiter beautifully but crashes when stacking. I don't know that you need to have RAW files for planets. The imaging I've done of Jupiter has been from an eight-bit web cam at 640x480 resolution.

Registax Mac

Registax For Mac Download

Wonder if you convert your shots to jpg then try to stack them if the program won't crash? I've used the following on a MBP i7 with 16GB of ram: Nebulosity 2 - slow with big images (17MB) as it doesn't scale well for CPU cores. It captures, it stacks with the only only exception of planets where registax etc are better. Pixinsight 64bit - scales well.

Start's feeling it at 6GB images The only downside is the lack of documentation until you know where to find the experts. From a technical perspective PI processing leaves Nebulosity in the dust. From a human perspective Neb captures easily and allows you to process them. Some people have stated Photoshop is artistic, Pixinsight is computational. You can do the same processing in both but they work very differently.

Free Registax 6 Download

The 1st update of RegiStax 6 is available for download from the downloadpage. This update only replaces the executable file of RegiStax and needs to be installed in the same directory where RegiStax 6 has been installed, you should NOT uninstall. (1.6 Mb) Find below the most important changes of this update, if you have issues that are not solved with this update please report them. General improvements: -large AVI's (that needed the extended mode from RegiStax 5) now also use multicore to read frames. -when using larger wavelet-filters (problem also existed in R5) spurious edges could appear on the image (horizontal striping), this is now solved.