Rhinestone Design Program For Mac

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Product Overview This is a first class product for the rhinestone designs creation & editing. It contains all the necessary tools to digitize designs with rhinestone, rhinestuds & nailheads. Starting from raster graphics, vector files, or just creating designs on the fly.


Among other digitizing tools, this program includes an advanced lettering system with pre-digitized fonts and it is also compatible with true type fonts. It has an amazing User Interface similar to the new Microsoft Office style with application button and context ribbon bars.

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Feb 16, 2013  Rhinestone Category Sponsor Discuss the different methods of adding some bling to your designs. Rhinestone and rhinestud transfers, templates, equipment, software and supplies are inlcuded in this forum. Rhinestone software free download. Games downloads - BlingWiz Rhinestone Designer by Eddie P and many more programs are available for instant and free download. The original Rhinestone Designer program was created so people could create their own designs. Similar choice › Free rhinestone 3D design software; Programs for query. Rhinestone design files for download to make rhinestone templates and stencils. Rhinestone designs and downloads are available in EPS Files, PLT Files, SVG Files and PFD. Bling Artwork and Patterns can be cut into Sticky Flock Rhinestone Template Material and shipped to you.

Interior Design Program For Mac

The design process is very fast and easy, simulation using the realistic components from our huge library is great, and designs can be edited and personalized at any moment. Designs can be exported to different motif machines.

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Please check the compatibility list before purchasing this product (if your machine is not in that list, we will try to develop the required driver). This amazing system is a stone (rhinestone, rhinestud, nailhead) specific software for the design creation, with output to different laser and vinyl cutters in order to produce design stencils or templates.

Starting from any artwork captured by scanner, from third parties applications or from artwork files; this program is the fastest tool to convert those images into stone designs. It includes several input methods and fill styles, and it also offers a complete lettering system. While your work is in process, an incredible design simulation displays a realistic sample of your designs.

Digitizing takes only a few minutes and result is amazing! When the design is ready, it is only necessary to export it to the corresponding file format or output device. Designs can be exported to different cutting equipment. Please check the compatibility list before purchasing this product (if your cutting equipment is not in that list, we will try to develop the required driver). Product Features HOT FIX STONE ERA is a DESIGN ERA product.

Free Rhinestone Designs

Then, this application includes not only the most complete and innovative set of tools for the Rhinestone design creation; but it also contains a huge set of tools for graphic editing. Its features will let you create new designs quick and easy, combining automated functions with those who allow you to have precise control over each design element. This software may import raster and vector graphic files on the most used file formats, it may capture raster images from scanners and vector files from other graphic applications too (as Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator). Raster Images (bitmap type) may be vectorized (converted to vectors) and all vector elements may be fully edited (block editing and node editing too). All the necessary tools are included in HOT FIX STONE ERA. You will need no other separate applications to create and/or process rhinestone designs: modify and process pre-existing designs (edition, scaling, merging, etc.), lettering system, object design, raster images, vector images, image processing and converting to rhinestone designs, automatic digitizing, manual digitizing, interactive digitizing, sample printout, etc.

The features mentioned above are common / standard features of HOT FIX STONE ERA. According to your production method you may need to get the Machine Driver (or plug-in) for your kind of equipment. It means that there is a unique easy, fast and powerful rhinestone digitizing process, and the same produced design can be exported to different machine type: • Laser Cutters / Vinyl Cutters to build Stencils for Rhinestone • Automatic Motif Making Machines (designs on transfer paper) • Automatic Rhinestone Setting Machines (designs on garment) Please check the compatibility list before purchasing this product (if your equipment is not in that list, we will try to develop the required driver). Equipment Compatibility Please check compatibility, according to your production method and your equipment, as you will need to purchase the proper plug-in for your machine. What is malwarebytes for mac.