Use Word For Mac To Print Envelopes

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By Geetesh Bajaj, James Gordon. If you’re printing letters with a Word 2011 mail merge, you’ll need to make envelopes for them. You might want to make a mail merge for envelopes for other purposes, too, such as sending out holiday cards or invitations.

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Nothing I try works for printing envelopes on this printer using my Mac (Snow Leopard). I've been trying for more than 4 hours at this writing so am about ready to take this printer back to Costco.

Same issue printing to printable CD's as well and everything I try is to no avail there as well. (I keep getting the message that the printer chosen, which is the HP C309a does not print directly to CD's/DVD's). Got to wonder why they advertise that it does if that's the message I'm going to get. I have downloaded all software updates offered. The only thing this printer seems to be able to do fairly easily is print on a normal piece of paper. Trying to figure things out on this printer is as bad as buying any cheap piece of electronic equipment. I learned long ago that when you buy cheap equipment you get bad instructions.

Use Word For Mac To Print Envelopes

HP has made that the case with the not so cheap equipment as well. I'd love to hear from anybody who might have some answers. Best lotion for dry skin. Okay, that step was not obvious to me. I've used Word for years and never had to do that.

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I haven't however used Word very long for Mac. Maybe that's the difference. Typically I've just had to click on Envelopes under Tools and make all my changes there. I put in #10 envelope there but it would never print one. I tried what you suggested and it did print one. Thank you for that. Office 2016 software requirements.

I hope it wasn't a fluke. As far as the software I'm using to print to a cd, it's HP Photosmart Create. I'm supposed to choose a template at the top but I don't know which template I'm supposed to use because the program doesn't give any guidance. The logical one to me would be 'Print on CD/DVD (5 inch/120mm) but when I choose it I get the message 'The currently selected printer does not support direct printing to a CD or DVD'. The HP C309a is my default printer. Any idea why I get that message or what template I should choose to print directly onto a CD?

Yes I read the manual and went through all those steps but those instructions are vague at best. Thanks for your help but we were able to figure it out tonight on our own. If anyone else can see this exchange because they are having the same problem as I have been having, perhaps I can help you print on your cd's. The problem getting instructions from someone who is really good with computers is those people think a lot of things are obvious that are not at all obvious to those who may not be as good. We've still got an entire generation or 2 of people who have not grown up with computers and all of the associated lingo.