Zebra Setup Utilities For Mac

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  1. Zebra Setup Utilities Download Windows

Norton internet security for mac. Zebra Setup Utilities for Windows Version (released September-2018) - this application includes the latest ZDesigner certified driver and is recommended for driver installation and printer configuration. Oct 13, 2010  Zebra Utilities is the first app that enables you to print to labels, receipts and encode RFID tags directly from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to a Zebra Technologies printer. Mobile, Desktop, Tabletop and Kiosk printers are supported.

Zebra setup utilities for mac

After saving your setting, print out a test label again to give it a whirl! Vertical Alignment If the vertical orientation is off try running a 'Media Calibration' via the Zebra software. Changing the media sensing type to be on 'Web Sensing' rather than 'Mark/Gap Sensing' - the setting you need depends on the labels you're using. You may also need to adjust the spacing between the labels in the Zebra, called 'Tear Off Adjust'. Do this if your printer is skipping labels. Factory Reset If the printer won't do anything or is acting weird and printing blank labels or anything like that, try these steps to reset the printer: With the printer power on and the top cover closed, press and hold the Feed button for several seconds. The green status LED will flash a number of times in sequence.

Zebra Setup Utilities Download Windows

For 'Factory Default Settings' you need to press and hold the button until the set of four flashes then let go. * ** *** **** Factory Defaults - Once the printer has entered the Factory Default mode, the status light will turn amber for three (3) seconds. If you are still having trouble you can always contact us in the chat box! If we are unavailable you can always try your luck with Zebra customer support. Sorry, they're not as funny as GrowFlow support.:'(.

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