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As part of Adobe’s “Creative Cloud,” Lightroom CC comes bundled with Adobe’s latest version of Photoshop, plus cloud photo synchronization services, for $9.99 per month. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is the efficient new way for professional photographers to import, select, develop, and showcase large volumes of digital images. So you can spend less time sorting and refining photographs, and more time actually shooting them.

Download Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC 2018 for Mac latest version free standalone offline setup for Mac OS X. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC 2018 7.0 is a raw image management and editing application with numerous options and tools to enhance digital photography. Corel wordperfect office x7. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC 2018 Review Photoshop Lightroom is known for its best image processing capabilities. The latest version tends to deliver better performance and specific environment to process RAW image files with a wide range of options and tools so to take your digital photography to an ultimate level. You can also call it as a dark room for your digital photography which simplifies and automates the manual work and allow you to finalize your digital images. It is a very precise tool which automatically corrects most of the issues and provides the ability to manually adjust the remaining issues.

This wonderful application comes with five different stages to deliver the final product. Moreover, it provides a digital library to manage the pictures as well as you can also create slideshows and albums with exporting capabilities.


Add meta description to the images and add the location in the Map section. In addition, you can adjust the brightness, contrast, vibration, tone, curve, color, and many other settings. Editing is not limited to just these adjustments, you can also adjust different details such as noise, sharpness, camera calibration and different effects.

Adobe Lightroom For Mac Reviews

Lightroom 6 review: worth an upgrade? Whether the upgrade is worthwhile depends on your ambitions. The underlying image-processing engine hasn’t changed, so if you’re happy with, the new version won’t make your photos look any better.

It does however open up new creative options, not least with a new pair of photomerge tools that let you stack and blend images into HDR and panoramic scenes. At first glance, these look pretty basic. Where Photoshop’s HDR Pro module gives you extensive control over the tone of your merged image, here you get only a few tickboxes and a choice of four deghosting levels. Of course, this is Lightroom, so if the combined image doesn’t have the desired HDR glow, you can always apply non-destructive processing to perfect it after the fact. It’s just a shame that the merge module can only produce 8-bit DNGs: a 16-bit option, as found in Photoshop, would have left you more subtle tonal detail to work with. It’s a similar story with the panorama feature.

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On opening the preview window you’ll see very few options: just three different projections and an auto-crop tool. You can’t even zoom into the preview to check for boundary mismatches – although that’s perhaps academic, as there are no tools for fixing them anyway. Thankfully, our results proved impressively consistent, with even quite widely spaced shots stitching seamlessly together: only in one case did we need to export the image into Photoshop to tidy up a glitch. Again, the output is a DNG, so you can use Lightroom’s processing tools to non-destructively punch up the resulting image. Dehaze, introduced in the 2015 update to Creative Cloud, is another new feature, adding a way to reduce the haze or fogging that shooting into the sun or a bright light can add to photographs.

You can try downloading the app and installing it on your computer. Split one photo into three. An example of an emulator is the, shown above.

It works pretty well in most circumstances if used carefully, but unwanted effects can occur in some circumstances, such as smudgy, unnatural-looking clouds. Alas, Dehaze is restricted currently to CC subscribers; owners of the standalone edition won't get to play with it until they pay to upgrade to the next version, or take out a Creative Cloud subscription. Lightroom 6 review: performance Also new in Lightroom 6 is GPU acceleration, and with our Intel HD Graphics 4400 GPU the Develop stage certainly felt more responsive than in the previous edition. Make no mistake, though: photo-editing is still a weighty business. On our Core i7-3770S test system, it still took three or four seconds for our 24-megapixel raw images to render at full zoom.